20/01/2023 | Blog

Playing it Safe: How Risk Assessments Help To Avoid Overspending on Unnecessary Security Infrastructure And Keep Your Business One Step Ahead

When conducting a security risk assessment, we are trying to identify what are the most likely forms of threat, the associated risk of that threat and what measures can be implemented to mitigate that threat. When done correctly this analysis can ensure that funds and resources are correctly allocated to improve security infrastructure rather than wasting it on areas that are not needed, in other words, what are you protecting yourself (or your organisation) from?

04/09/2022 | Blog

Behind Closed Doors: How Access Control Solutions Can Keep Your Business Safe

A heavy-duty, reinforced steel, security door is only as secure as the access control mechanism that unlocks it! This is the core idea of access control systems, and they are an essential aspect of any security system. They allow organizations to manage and restrict access to their premises, ensuring that only authorized personnel are granted entry.

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