Advisen has extensive experience in helping clients get the best out of their spaces through tailored engineering advice, building services design, and project management. We go the extra mile to create a custom building services solution that not only meets best practice from an engineering point of view but also provides an intuitive experience for the people who will ultimately use the space.

  • Every building, regardless of its age or use, requires certain essential in-house services to enable people to live, work and gather.
  • In-house services refer to the essential systems that keep a building running smoothly. They include things like heating, ventilation, power, lighting, and plumbing. These electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical building services are crucial for the proper functioning of any building.
  • At Advisen, we’re committed to improving every aspect of a space – including the ones often taken for granted. This means drawing on our engineering background and extensive experience developing integrated security, Audio Visual and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to bring the same smart approach to each utility.
  • Our team of skilled building services engineers are dedicated to optimising the performance and functionality of essential HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and electrical systems. By collaborating closely with architects, designers, and facility managers, we aim to ensure that every aspect of a building’s utilities is thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated, resulting in enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings for our clients.
  • We can assess and provide efficient designs for all key mechanical systems, power and lighting needs plus gas, sewerage and water connections including fire systems. These best outcomes can ultimately result in a sustainable, more ‘liveable’ space.
  • As electrical building services design experts, we understand the critical role that effective electrical systems play in creating safe and functional spaces. Our team of skilled engineers specialises in assessing power requirements, designing efficient lighting solutions, and ensuring seamless integration of electrical systems with other building services.
  • With Advisen, you can access tailored engineering advice, design expertise, and comprehensive project management services. Our team of skilled building services engineers and MEP engineers collaborate closely with clients to deliver innovative solutions that meet their unique requirements. From conceptualisation to execution, we ensure seamless coordination, cost-efficiency, and successful project outcomes.

Our Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulic Capabilities Include:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Passive cooling and heating solutions
  • Plant upgrades and Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • General power/lighting and energy management
  • Solar power and sustainability systems
  • Specialist emergency/exit lighting
  • Lightning and surge protection plus backup systems
  • Switchboard design and modification
  • General drainage and hot/cold water systems
  • Sewerage and stormwater
  • Natural gas services
  • Water storage, filtration and re-use systems
  • Fire suppression including sprinklers, hoses and hydrants
Advisen - Sydney engineering advisory

Get Tailored
engineering advice,
design and
project management

When you engage with Advisen on your project, you’re tapping into extensive engineering and consulting expertise – tailored to suit your needs. Across a wide range of markets and design objectives, we can offer you the complete spectrum of services – from independent professional advice and design to documentation, project management, procurement, installation and/or operational strategy.

Trusted by:

“Advisen advised us on the design and construction of a high end apartment complex. They couldn’t have been more helpful in providing sound and cost effective technical advice. They were always available and nothing was too much trouble. I have no hesitation in recommending Advisen for both large and small projects.”

David Port

“Advisen advised us on the electrical aspects of our recent project. Their work was excellent, they were organised, knowledgeable and responsive to changes in design. I would not hesitate to recommend them”

Ben Bolot

“I have done extensive work with Advisen over the years on projects ranging from small residential properties to government projects. Their service is excellent and their experience in building services provides assurance when coordinating complex projects. I have no issue recommending Advisen”

Alexander Bitterman, B. Architects
Advisen - Sydney engineering advisory