With the world increasingly more connected, IT and communication systems are continually being engineered to provide maximum functionality and minimum footprint. In the world of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), it’s as much about what you don’t see as what you do – with extensive cable systems, robust networks and a range of smart integrations that can be accessed from any mobile device.

  • Discover the power of seamless connectivity and cutting-edge ICT solutions. Experience a world where technology works effortlessly in the background, enabling you to focus on what matters most. From robust networks to smart integrations, our innovative and complete ICT solutions bring together the unseen elements that drive efficiency and productivity. Embrace the future of ICT with us.
  • With a background in electrical engineering and extensive experience assisting clients large and small with ICT solutions, Advisen ICT solutions company prides itself on its technical excellence. 
  • We are fluent in the “language of cables” and are able to advise on a best practice design that delivers all your communication and internet needs in the most efficient way possible.

Our ICT Capabilities Include:

  • Fibre and Copper Backbone Infrastructure
  • Structure Cabling Systems
  • Telco Carriers (e.g. NBN)
  • External Infrastructure, including Pit and Pipe Systems
  • Integrated Network Communications
  • NBN/Carrier Infrastructure
  • Optical networks, core switching, WAN and LAN systemsWireless networks including smart solutions
  • Rack Layout Design Solution
  • Full integration with AV and Security services
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Main / Floor Communications Room Design
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In finding the ideal solution for your project, we consider your end-user requirements and the physical space. We understand that these briefs aren’t just connecting buildings, rooms or desks, but connecting people to the world – which is why our ICT consulting services are engineered to bring people and technology together – providing ease of use and seamless integration. In communication and in design, we’ll ensure no one ever gets their wires crossed.

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When you engage with Advisen on your project, you’re tapping into extensive engineering and consulting expertise – tailored to suit your needs. Across a wide range of markets and design objectives, we can offer you the complete spectrum of services – from independent professional advice and design to documentation, project management, procurement, installation and/or operational strategy.

Trusted by:

“Advisen advised us on the design and construction of a high end apartment complex. They couldn’t have been more helpful in providing sound and cost effective technical advice. They were always available and nothing was too much trouble. I have no hesitation in recommending Advisen for both large and small projects.”

David Port

“Advisen advised us on the electrical aspects of our recent project. Their work was excellent, they were organised, knowledgeable and responsive to changes in design. I would not hesitate to recommend them”

Ben Bolot

“I have done extensive work with Advisen over the years on projects ranging from small residential properties to government projects. Their service is excellent and their experience in building services provides assurance when coordinating complex projects. I have no issue recommending Advisen”

Alexander Bitterman, B. Architects
Advisen - Sydney engineering advisory