04/12/2023 | Blog

The Blueprint for Safety: Physical Security Measures Demystified

Your building security is in danger.  Yes, you heard that right. You might think all is well and the physical premises are safe and sound. But is it the ultimate truth? Does your thinking support the reality and facts?  Before you start worrying about the physical safety of your building and its inhabitants, let us […]

20/10/2023 | Blog

Timeless Efficiency: Modernising Older Buildings through MEP Engineering

Many old buildings lack modern features, making them less efficient and comfy. Upgrading these buildings is essential to meet today’s standards. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering is vital to this upgrade. MEP engineers help improve old building systems and meet current rules, highlighting the role of MEP in building construction​​. This article will explore […]

27/09/2023 | Blog

The Future of Building Security: Emerging Technologies to Watch

Building security is more important than ever in today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing world. As new threats emerge, organisations must stay ahead by adopting the latest access control trends for 2023. Traditional access control systems, like key cards and PIN codes, can no longer protect people and assets from sophisticated attacks. Today, organisations need more […]

31/08/2023 | Blog

Creating Engaging Environments: AV Solutions for Hospitality & Entertainment Venues

Imagine walking into a hotel lobby where the ambient lighting perfectly matches the mood of the evening or a restaurant where the acoustic melodies subtly enhance the flavour of your meal.  Engaging environments in hospitality and entertainment venues are no longer just about lavish interiors; they’re about creating moments that resonate deeply with guests. This […]

09/08/2023 | Blog

Energy Efficiency In MEP Systems: Strategies For Sustainable Buildings

In an era of rising environmental concerns and energy costs, the significance of energy-efficient buildings is undeniable. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems are at the heart of this crucial shift towards sustainability.  Here at Advisen Engineering Consultancy, we delve into the importance of MEP systems and how, when optimised, they can substantially reduce energy […]

01/06/2023 | Blog

Building Intelligence: A Guide to Smart Building Technologies

In today’s rapidly advancing world, smart building technologies have revolutionised how we interact with our environments. These innovations have paved the way for smarter, more sustainable structures, from intelligent security and audio-visual systems to integrated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services.  With the advent of smart building management systems, the seamless integration of various elements […]

17/03/2023 | Blog

From Security Guard to Sales Guru: How CCTV Analytics Can Transform Your Retail Business

CCTV surveillance systems have long been siloed as tools for theft prevention, but mainly research (who stole that), but with on the edge analytics their benefits go far beyond that. With the help of Advisen, retail businesses are leveraging these systems to extract vital data and even generate greater revenue. It's time to put your CCTV to work and make it earn its keep.

05/02/2023 | Blog

Can You Hear Me Now? Advisen’s Guide to Audio and Visual Excellence in Video Conferencing

In the current era of remote work and flexible (hybrid) working arrangements, video conferencing has become the go-to solution for businesses to keep in touch with their employees and clients. However, the reality is that not all video conferencing experiences are created equal. On average, people spend 10% of their video conference time adjusting their camera, audio, lighting and microphone.

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